Sex and the Single Christian Woman

Enter your email to subscribe to this blog, receive newsletters, and to receive new posts by email. Email Address. In this post, I am going to bring you 8 of the absolute best blogs for Christian single women. And I do mean that they are the best. From advice on relationships, singleness, dating, courting, praying, and finding purpose, these 8 bloggers are going to have your spiritual journey covered as a single woman from all aspects. Before I get into the list, I want to give you an explanation as to why these bloggers and even vloggers have made the list. There are plenty of blogs for single women out there, but these made a list because I felt they were the best, more personal and they really encourage you to get yourself right with God above all else. Sometimes advice such as being celibate can be hard to hear because we live in a world where it is so easy to do what you want to do good or bad and no one sees anything wrong with it. These blogs help women understand that Christian singleness is not a curse and encourage you to get closer to God, get to know yourself, and practice Biblical-based teachings.

Top 20 Single Christians Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2020

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A flawed single Christian woman’s views on Christianity, relationships, sex, and all the other things people are afraid to chat about.

A few weeks ago, Sheila Wray Gregorie, who maintains a Christian martial advice blog, shared Link : this on twitter. There are so many Christian fallacies about singleness. One big point it brings up that I have: there are more single Christian women in the church than there are single Christian men. You must learn to judge men based on their character, not what their stated religious beliefs are.

New survey research sheds light on how believers navigate the stickier matters of dating and marriage. Over the years, Christians have produced and read far more books on how relationships and singleness should work than on how these things actuallydo pan out. Walker writes from a more-or-less Protestant British perspective, but American Christians will find much they recognize.


Not because she was a spiritual powerhouse who was doing amazing work among the young girls of a developing country. Because she was single. Flash forward a couple of decades to the present day. I was babysitting a family of outrageously adorable children and as we walked to the park, one of the girls asked me if I had a little girl of my own.

I am a Christian woman in my mids, and I am single. Because I am single.

I am new to blogging, but I feel I have something to contribute in writing about single life. So often what I read to encourage singles is written by those who are.

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Single Christian female, 30+

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To many younger women, I’m a cautionary tale. Because I am single. I am a Christian woman in my mids, and I am single. And though I.

Here we explore how churches can be led by the Holy Spirit to become places where gay people thrive according to a traditional sexual ethic. And how will the Holy Spirit help the Church become a place where gay people can belong and thrive according to orthodox Christian sexual ethics? This is the fifth in a year-long blog series by Lindsey Snyder about what pastors and parents need to know to better minister to gay Christian women according to a traditional biblical sexual ethic.

This two-part post explores the challenges parents and pastors face by examining shifting views in metropolitan America concerning morality, gay people, and women. In the last post, we started an exploration of the ways culture is rapidly changing and how that impacts ministering to gay women according to a Biblical, traditional sexual ethic.

The root causes of these changes can be seen in three ways: shifting views about morality, shifting views about gay people, and shifting views about women. These three layers are not independent of each other. Rather, they compound, causing multi-faceted difficulties for women navigating their sexuality. This is the fourth in a year-long blog series by Lindsey Snyder about what pastors and parents need to know to better minister to gay Christian women according to a traditional biblical sexual ethic.

This two-part post explores the challenges parents and pastors face due to shifting views in metropolitan America about morality, gay people, and women. Here, we explore five ways the Holy Spirit wants to comfort and care for gay people: The Holy Spirit promises to dwell in us, guide our thinking, comfort us in suffering, empower us to live in counter-cultural ways, and sustain our faith through sanctification. During the month of June, gay people across the world gather together, seeking a space to be fully know and fully loved, in contrast to discrimination and violence many gay people have experienced.

Samuel name changed urges parents and pastors to speak up so that gay teens have space to share their stories:. My church and family were silent when I most needed them to speak, which only made loving God and remaining in Christian community more and more challenging the older I became.

Embracing Singleness

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. You can read that entire article here. Why has the common date become such a rare thing? The comments rolled in, and some fantastic conversation came of it.

Dating 13 ways men and women do dating differently, and first date tips for both There’s a lot of truth in the saying ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’​.

What does God say about virginity, marriage, and consequences from our decisions? This question, or one similar to it, often arises in emails received from singles. Virginity is something that God instructs us to bring into the marriage. How does one relate to those who are no longer virgins? Can one restore their virginity? How does virginity relate to second marriages? Allow me to share some thoughts on this area. Jim explains why is so hard these days to think clearly about a relationship when sex outside of marriage is at play.

Why Aren’t Christian Singles Dating?

For whatever reason, God has seen it fit that I bear the cross of singleness in my life. And over the more recent years, I have been fortunate to see the blessing in my singleness. Ever since I was in my pre-teens I have dreamt of getting married. Marriage was the ultimate for me. It was one of my many idols, and from a young age.

United States Of America About Blog Read Christian singles and Christian dating advice with Biblical principles and guidance for women and.

Now, I have to warn you… this list is totally biased. Rather, these are the top 12 Christian blogs for women that I personally love and read myself on a regular basis. All of these Christian women blogs are written by reputable, well-known Christian female bloggers who have been around for a while, so their advice is solid and trustworthy. Well, of course I have to add my name to the list first, right? Seriously, though. Plus, we regularly feature other female Christian bloggers have you seen the new Equipping Godly Women podcast??

Articles on this site are very useful and encouraging in nature, and often center around living out your faith, diving deeper into the Word of God, and parenting your children well. Written by Christian sex and marriage expert Sheila Wray Gregoire, To Love Honor and Vacuum is one of my favorite Christian blogs for women devoted to helping Christian women develop rock-solid marriages. While the site does include some parenting content, Sheila mostly writes about marriage and sex within marriage, giving all the advice Christian wives need to know but are afraid to ask.

Her blog, A Mother Far From Home , offers a wealth of incredibly useful tips, tricks and suggestions to help Christian mums raise great kids without losing their sanity in the process — all from someone who has been there who totally gets it. You can have a peaceful, loving home without the chaos, and this site will show you how. Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith is a personal blog dedicated to encouraging Christian women to build thriving marriages by teaching them how to be intentional in their role as a wife.

Why Many Christian Girls Remain Single