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Online English dictionaries Australian cultural dictionary Published by the University of Adelaide, this dictionary has been specially designed for international students living in Australia. Collins dictionary An English and bilingual word reference that includes a thesaurus and a range of learning resources. Dictionary by Merriam-Webster Definitions, usage and pronunciation, as well as games, tests, puzzles, and interesting videos to improve your language skills. Longman dictionary of contemporary English A dictionary which includes hot topics, and words of interest. Definitions use common words, pronunciations are in British and American English, and examples of use and verb forms are provided. Macquarie dictionary Online Comprehensive up-to-date Australian dictionary with lots of language resources. Oxford English Dictionary. The online version of the famous and authoritative historical dictionary of the English language. While dictionaries of current English focus on present-day meanings, the OED , while still including current meanings, has the history of individual words and of the language, traced through millions of quotations.


The one that never listens unless you have just the right activity or lesson. Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, that special class that does well with everything—but really thrives when given a truly engaging activity , the one you work extra hard to please. But how do you know what works?

Wednesdays p.m. – p.m. Practice English listening and speaking online while the library is closed to the public. Every week, participants will listen​.

LibraryLinkNJ is subsidizing the cost for 10 individual members to take this online training from the American Library Association. LibraryLinkNJ subsidizes the cost of each class to make high-quality, low-cost training available to staff of member libraries. Please pay registration fees promptly. If you require an invoice before you can submit payment, please email your request to Nanette Cox – ncox librarylink. The first 10 members to register by the deadline of 4 PM on Wednesday, March 26, are eligible for this discount.

A waiting list is available. This can be intimidating—how do you communicate? How do you avoid the risk of creating cultural misunderstandings? In this workshop, Cate Carlyle, a librarian who has devoted her career to working with non-English speaking and ESL library users, will provide you with the strategies, resources, and best practices to help you meet this challenge. We will provide ALA with particpant contact information. ALA will then send confirmation and all information needed to access the webinar directly to the participant’s email.

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The following agencies offer free English classes in Austin. Call for more information about dates and times. Other types of classes are also offered. Register in advance. First United Methodist Church E. At 12th St.

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Level: Beginner Includes This vs that and an introduction to introducing people. Level: Absolute Beginner through Advanced! Almost everyone needs to review their spelling skills. Includes the alphabet chart and 10 people spelling their names. Level: Beginner Spelling Test for Beginners. You will meet both native speakers of English and others learning English as a Second Language. Level: Beginner A simple beginner clip for more practice with “be”.

Introduction to ” whose ” the possessive form of ” who “. Level: Beginner Listening comprehension and vocabulary plus distinctions between countries and nationalities. Expression “How about.. Level: Beginner Making introductions, an important social function.

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Search this Group Search. Ask a Librarian! Recommended Websites About. Students will find tools to improve grammar and vocabulary, as well as reading, writing and listening skills. Teachers will find lesson plans, teaching techniques and career information. It also links to ESL podcasts and videos.

A project of The Internet TESL Journal, this site contains thousands of entitled Keep Your English up to date, BBC Learning English informs.

C This second edition contains a further 20 ideas, all of which have been tried-and-tested in the classroom. Ideas range from understanding basic grammar and punctuation to studying plays, poetry and core texts. D57 This book provides teachers and leaders with the skills needed to uncover each child’s abilities and ultimately boost achievement for gifted Spanish-speaking students.

Packed with strategies, suggestions, and materials teachers can use immediately to enhance instruction and assessment, this book shows how to: Recognize students’ unique strengths Identify and develop the gifts of bilingualism and different cultures Create challenging learning experiences for every student in the class Adapt tools and strategies to meet each learner’s unique needs Connect with parents and the greater Spanish-speaking community. E54 A combined reference book and workbook covering over 3, entries of essential words and phrases to expand your English vocabulary.

Designed around the most up-to-date theories of language acquisition, English for Everyone: English Vocabulary Builder includes all the words and phrases English learners need to know. Question words, feelings, hairstyles, technology, seasons, entertainment, sports, and more are covered and illustrated, plus paired with audio in the accompanying app available for download. Readers can write their own translations and work through practice exercises to improve their English language skills.

Ideal for ESL learners at all stages, from beginner to advanced. J55 With more than 80, entries and , pronunciations, Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary is the ultimate guide to English pronunciation.

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On this webpage you will find library resources and other tools to help you succeed in your studies here at Kent State University. Concepts important to higher education will be covered in this workshop, including Fair Use, the Public Domain, Creative Commons licensing, and Open Access. Common scenarios will be presented, along with choices for practical solutions.

Returning ESL students must be in Kent before classes start. Students who arrive after this date will need to wait until Spring to begin ESL classes.

Online English dictionaries Comprehensive up-to-date Australian dictionary with lots of language resources. Dictionaries in the Library.

Using authentic material in your lessons can stimulate and capture the imaginations of your students. Original and native material such as newspapers, maps, brochures, menus and magazines are some ideas to bring real world language into the classroom. Involving your students in real world tasks will help reinforce new skills and encourage the practical use of the language. Reading and comprehending a utility bill or a shopping receipt are some ways to motivate and enhance language learning.

Student centred learning can go a long way in the classroom. Help stimulate student curiosity and encourage confidence by acting as a facilitator or guide and deliver lessons that reflect your interest in student experiences and learning skills. Encouraging laughter and self-correction of mistakes in the classroom can help promote a positive learning environment that is safe and risk-free. Avoid criticism and judgement.

Social Icons. Featured Posts. Incorporate Authentic Material in Your Classroom Using authentic material in your lessons can stimulate and capture the imaginations of your students. Challenge Your Students with Task Based Lessons Involving your students in real world tasks will help reinforce new skills and encourage the practical use of the language.

Create an Enjoyable Learning Environment Encouraging laughter and self-correction of mistakes in the classroom can help promote a positive learning environment that is safe and risk-free. However, if you’re a leftie like me, let’s not let this get us down as many of us have learned to adapt quite well in this right-handed world.

Adult Learners

Try our lesson on The Wright Brothers and teach your students about the early history of flight. This Simple Sentences lesson will teach your students the vocabulary and verb tenses they need to discuss all sorts of health matters. We have a lesson about Left-Handers’ Day August 13! Your students can learn all about this important day in our lesson.

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ESL Library’s full Online Dating lesson contains warm-up questions, pre-reading vocabulary, a short reading, vocabulary review activities.

We’re re-opening most locations for quick visits to use limited services. To see a listing of available materials, click on the test names above, or do a keyword search in the catalogue using the name of the test as your search word. This program matches learners wishing to improve their English verbal skills with volunteers. The matched pairs meet remotely once a week for conversation. Suggested minimum CLB level 4. Fill out this form to apply. An online magazine for new immigrants with current news stories, information on settlement, education, employment and life in Canada.

The Canadian Encyclopedia. The Canadian Encyclopedia plays an essential role in providing Canadians and other researchers with accurate, updated information about our people and country. We have a test geared to Academic use:.

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