Here’s why your yoga studio is crawling with dudes

I was the little girl who sat in the forest in my flowy white princess costume, refusing to come in because I knew that a unicorn was going to show up at any moment. In my teen years, I dreamed that Prince Charming was going to sweep me off my feet, though my vision only lasted up to the first kiss. I devoured movies like The Breakfast Club , Sixteen Candles , Pretty Woman , and any other rom-com that suggested that true love would drop into my lap and knock me senseless. In these movies, every heroine is a damsel in distress, true love always saves the day, and bad guys vampires, werewolves, or general scoundrels are actually the good guys who are just waiting to be reformed by the love of the right woman. I bought into the Hollywood fairy tale hook, line, and sinker. Right will just ride up on a hypoallergenic horse and fix all our problems? Ah, at last, a savior! How wonderful! How inspiring! How romantic!

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Are you thinking about dating a yogini? Have you been scrolling through yoga on Instagram and wondering how to start a relationship with a girl who practices yoga? Women who practice yoga are in tuned with their bodies. They practice healthy lifestyle habits and walk around all day in skin-tight yoga pants.

Mar 29, – What can I say – I am a bit extreme. I am a yoga addict addicts are a bit extreme. 24 reasons you should date a yoga girl.

A much different scene than the beefy, sweaty dudes in the weight room. That means in any given yoga class, seven out of every ten people are going to be women. I will admit that the ratio was an obvious bonus in my own journey as both a yoga student and teacher. So what do you do? A yoga studio filled with beautiful women feels like a field filled with potential social land mines. How is a decent guy like you supposed to navigate that?

What can you do to create your best chance of an interaction that feels really good to both of you? Why are you there? To get in shape? Drink more herbal tea? Take a step back and connect first with your personal reasons for practicing yoga. Take a breath, and bring your awareness back to yourself and your mat.

Find Love On the Mat: Speed Dating – Yogi Style

Ah, the revered yoga girl. She appears light and breezy with an air of sensuality. Before you embark on this spiritual endeavor, or just try to get her out of her yoga pants, there are some things you should know. Yoga girls are definitely a unique breed that stand apart from the rest. At the same time, yoga girls are just like everyone else. They tend to get stereotyped a lot, so check out the facts you should know.

7 Reasons Women Who Do Yoga Make The Best Girlfriends (And Wives!) Photo: weheartit. girls who do yoga.

Where you meet a woman is incredibly important. It sets the tone for the entire relationship. Perhaps you stumbled on this video blog because you are tired of the results you are getting when you are meeting women at bars, clubs, or awkward social functions. What comes to your mind when you think of tight black pants, warmth, and exercise? I know…the local YOGA studio. Before I continue my rant…spend three minutes and learn more about why the yoga studio is the 1 place to meet women:.

Spandex, Spandex, Spandex. The worst thing that can come from attending a yoga session is you get to look at a bunch of hot women in tight — most of the time black spandex. Oh and by the way, you get some good exercise as well. Endorphin building is crucial to the way women perceive you. My Academy includes ALL of my premium content over 4 hours of video instruction and 15 downloadable worksheets guaranteed to help you master the art of dating.

One thing I know about bars and clubs is that male competition is ridiculously high. You want to increase your chances of women paying attention to you?

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But what can I say — I am a bit extreme. I am a yoga addict… addicts are a bit extreme. By the end of the hour and fifteen minutes I had completely memorized all 24 of them and was quite proud of myself.

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Yoga is generally a solitary practice—a chance to turn the mind inward and focus only on your own breath, movement and focal point. But around the United States, yoga is becoming a bit more social as yoga studios invite singles to add mixing and mingling to their practice. From yoga studios to the popular Crunch gyms, yoga speed dating may be an alternative option for yoga lovers who are tired of trying to meet in bars or online. It makes perfect sense — you love yoga. You want a partner who loves yoga.

So why not meet each other while doing yoga? Founder of the Colorado-based YogaDates Amy Baglan says yoga speed dating is a way to bring a social side to an activity that is usually a solitary, introspective practice. She says she started the practice as a way to help single men and women come together in a more conscious environment.

What Would It Be Like to Date a Yoga Girl?

Many view yoga girls as mystical beings with their mala beads around their neck, their crystals in one hand and sage in the other. There are many reasons why we highly recommend dating a yoga girl — below are just a few. A yoga girl does a lot of internal searching to discover who she is, and she loves what she finds! She is confident in her own abilities, her choices, and herself. A yoga girl is comfortable in her own skin. Her confidence in herself will definitely make your relationship more secure, strong and long lasting.

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Take it from an instructor who has been in more than one long-term relationship that started in a class: Yoga studios can be great places to meet women. Show up. Yoga teachers love to see their students each week because it allows us an opportunity to witness growth. Show up regularly. Demonstrate commitment to your practice because it reflects an ability to make commitments in your life, and we ladies appreciate that quality in a man. Connect over yoga, not yoga bodies. Some men think that paying for a private lesson might turn into a date.

Generally speaking, this is a bad idea. Ask questions.

Sick of the Same Old Dating Routine? Yoga Is the Hot New Way to Get Close

If you practice yoga or are thinking of trying it out, you are also likely interested in meeting women there, especially since most of these women are in-shape and take care of their bodies. In yoga classes, I often see some of the women leaving very quickly after the end of class. In this case, does it make sense to chase after her?

What would be a good way to approach this? This will be quite useful for you because compared with other ways to meet women , when you meet a woman in a physical-activity based venue, that makes for an extra appealing vibe.

Yoga dates are on the rise—and for good reason! date,” says Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore, who coaches women on dating and relationships.

The key is to avoiding such depressing interactions for to connect with like-minded site who share your interests, says Baglan, who created MeetMindful to help people do that. Are you dating because you just went through a breakup and your confidence needs a boost? All these reasons are not singles reasons to be in relationships with people , she advises. This step is about really getting clear on what kind of people you want to be around.

You’re looking for people not only singles like-minded interests, but also like-minded values. People who want to leave the world online online they found it. Try getting involved offline in your community. If you’re really into volunteering and you want to find someone who actively gives back, go to fundraisers for causes you care about. If you’re looking for long-term love with a partner who shares your core values or perhaps just a new friend to practice yoga with, look no further than the MeetMindful community online.

Yoga all, MeetMindful is a meeting ground for people who want to live their happiest, healthiest lives—and connect with others who feel the same. Try to site out what site this person tick.

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